Start Up PR

Who are we?

  JAC Media is a leading North East PR and Marketing agency specialising in start-up businesses across the tech, creative, live event and finance sectors. We know what it takes to build a brand from the bottom up. With over 10 years of experience growing the profile of some of the North East’s most innovative and creative new businesses, we understand the importance of getting your company’s positioning and messaging on point right from the get-go.

What we do

Fundraising PR

We’ve helped businesses raise funding, both through traditional methods and crowdfunding platforms. We have a strong understanding of the investment process and know how to pique the interest of both potential investors and early adopters.

Product or Business Launch

Gearing up to launch a new product or business? We’ll make sure your product or service gets the launch it deserves with a comprehensive PR and communications strategy that makes your brand’s voice cut through the noise with trusted reviews, features and media events.

Brand Storytelling

Telling the story of your brand has never been more important and is essential for connecting with your existing and potential customer base. With a consistent message across your communications channels, we create stories through our campaigns that resonate with your target market, based on your values, visions and unique position within the market.

Retainer Packages

Even if you don’t have any upcoming launches, major announcements or special updates, our retained packages are designed to keep people talking. Our approach is creative and proactive so even when you have no obvious announcements to make, we’ll keep the media interested and your brand at the forefront of your audience’s mind.

How we do it

Our commitment to forging strong relationships with key media contacts has enabled us to build a wide network of journalists, editors and influencers across sectors, from mainstream print media to niche blogs. Our results-driven campaigns are built upon a comprehensive understanding of your vision and goals. We become part of your in-house team to create a PR and communications solution that will drive interest, build your credibility and grow your audience.

Example of our work

Ride Electric 

We worked with Ride Electric to get the word out about their exciting partnership with Northumbria Health Care Trust.Through our connections with regional press and business publications, we won coverage for the North Shields-based start-up that boosted their brand and increased awareness of the great work they do, bringing electric bike technology to the masses.

Luggage Point

Luggage Point is a leading airport service, providing shipment, luggage storage, lost property services and more. We worked with Luggage Point to grow its brand from its beginnings as a small company in Newcastle to where it is now, with operations across UK airports. We created a bespoke campaign to increase trust in their brand, grow the company’s customer base and develop partnerships with airports.