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Why Work With Us 

Searching for a great Newcastle PR Agency? JAC Media is a cross-sector PR company that has helped hundreds of happy clients build headlines and drive new business throughout the UK. From large scale corporate events and live music festivals, to helping start-ups launch their brands, we've got decades of experience in the field and have long-term relationships with key media.

When we think about public relations or PR, there's a chance it could evoke a negative impression, and you may believe it's all just spin. But if used correctly, it can help your business soar.

PR covers a broader range of disciplines and activities than ever before, as it's constantly adapting to fit the world around us and the new technologies that are emerging. There are now two distinct ways of employing PR, digital and traditional. If used correctly, both can come together to form a campaign or rolling project that will penetrate your audience and connect. We are a leading Newcastle PR Agency and we're ready to hear from you.

Whether you have an established presence in the media and online or you're preparing yourself to take the plunge for the first time, there are a wealth of ways to promote your brand and improve its perception with JAC Media.

In the modern world, digital and traditional PR includes everything from talking to your audience and brand ambassadors on your social media accounts to connecting with your customers with dynamic content on your website.

With an increasing emphasis on digital and online work, many companies and the agencies they employ are moving away from the more traditional methods of PR, most notably the practice of selling coverage to newspapers and magazines. We'd argue that there is still a place for traditional PR, especially if it suits your target audience.

If you balance traditional and digital PR activities then you stand a better chance than ever of reaching your target audience and engaging stakeholders, so why limit yourself by focusing on digital only? Getting your name, stories and events in the nation's media with our extensive range of contacts will prove invaluable when it comes to telling your story and moulding your image, and it should always remain an option.

JAC Media and our in-house team of experts boast a huge range of experience in the field of PR, having been involved with some of the biggest and most respected agencies and teams that the North East and beyond has to offer.

Not only are we experienced, and a leading PR Agency Newcastle, but we're always at the forefront of new developments and techniques that are emerging in the industry, meaning that we're always finding new ways to get you noticed.

We also offer a full evaluation service so that you can see exactly how your PR spend is working for you. We love PR, and we know you'll love our ideas for your brand.

If you need a PR company in Newcastle, our door is always open.