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What is a CRM?

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Customer relationship management, otherwise known as CRM, is a business process that works to both boost marketing efficiency and increase sales. Successful CRM actually consists of a broad range of apps, tools, platforms and technologies that come together to provide social insights and business intelligence so that you can see what’s working and what isn’t. Put simply, CRM will help you conduct your customer relationships more effectively.

Why is a CRM important?

CRM will help you conduct your customer relationships more effectively. With a CRM you will be able to store vital information with ease, as sales opportunities, customer leads, account activity and more can be uploaded to the cloud. Using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Newcastle service will also demystify mobile sales metrics, allowing for rapid analysis and decision-making, so you can capitalise on this emerging market.

Stay two steps ahead with Microsoft’s CRM

We work alongside Cloud Dynamics CRM to keep our clients and their customers connected with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Newcastle. An award-winning CRM, Microsoft Dynamics is proven to bring customer care, marketing and sales departments closer together, helping your teams work as one for the benefit of your customers.

When you take advantage of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Newcastle, you can more easily manage both customer services and customer acquisitions. This is thanks to the CRM’s comprehensive analytics, which will give you the big picture needed to help you take your business forward.

Data is power: Connect and Grow with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
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Working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Newcastle, we help our clients to regain control of their customer relationship management processes with a solution that is user-friendly, fast, easy to understand and comprehensive.

Using our cloud-based CRM service, you can manage the entire customer journey with ease – from reaching out to a promising lead for the first time right through to forging and nurturing a lasting and productive relationship.

We’d love to sit down and tell you all about our CRM and how exactly the system works, so why not visit our office to have a chat and learn more about how using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Newcastle can help your business?

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If you choose to work with JAC Media, you will be choosing to take the lead over the competition thanks to a flexible and extensive system. We also provide all of the necessary training, support and coaching needed to ensure that you hit the ground running.

We have first-hand experience and in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Newcastle system, not to mention a growing number of satisfied clients who have used it alongside us. Once your business management system is installed we’ll stay by your side, throughout every step of your journey, to make sure you receive any support that you may need.

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Why use JAC Media CRM?

  • Sales

Manage sales with ease. Using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can streamline the sales procedure, simplify account management, and prioritise sales leads.

  • Marketing

Stand out from the crowd. Whether you are using targeted email campaigns, need a quick and reliable data capture process or are looking to generate new leads, Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes marketing simple.

  • Customer Service

Keep your clients close and build new relationships. With the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, all of your customer details are stored in the cloud for easy access, so you can perform any relevant actions immediately.

We offer an 80% discount for Third Sector and Not for Profit organisations, whilst Microsoft offers a free Tablet and Phone App with every user license.