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Chase Park Festival

It's only rock 'n' roll but we like it...

JAC Media runs PR campaigns for many different types of businesses across a range of sectors, but the summer festival programme is big news here in the North East and we're proud to build the headlines for this very special event.

Chase Park - the region's 'Festival for Everyone ' is a live music gathering for people of all abilities and provides disabled musicians and fans with the chance to see greats globally renowned bands and get involved.

Working with its Festival Organiser Alistair McDonald, we've helped steer Chase Park Festival into one of the most respected events of its kind in the United Kingdom and we've all enjoyed seeing it grow year on year.

With rigorous, sustained and clearly thought out PR, Social Media Management, and press liaison, we run both national and North East wide campaigns for Chase Park Festival to make sure the radio airwaves and the entertainment desks are shouting about it from rooftops.

This family-friendly affair deserves to sell out every time, all of the time, and that's exactly what we help it achieve.

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