Newcastle Marketing Company Reveals top SEO tricks of the trade

Here at JAC Media we know the power of SEO and creating websites that rank in the top spots through Google. We are a Newcastle marketing company that assists hundreds of clients in optimising their websites and content.

We like to think of developing a successful web page as building a house, you have to lay the proper foundations before you can create a beautiful house that people want to visit!

And if you’re looking to attract a high volume of traffic, consumers and potential customers to your site, there a few tricks of the SEO trade that as a marketing company Newcastle, we want to pass on.

First, lay the foundations for effective SEO

Before building anything, we have to do or research. Our keyword is the most crucial part of the planning stage, and with a highly searched, effective keyword will be the basis of a successful website.

To find the right keyword for your company or product, think carefully about what you want to sell, but also which terms people will be using to search for what you’re selling. As a Newcastle marketing company, JAC Media helps our clients to identify and determine the correct key terms for their business and for their new potential customers.

Once you have found your keyword, it’s time to construct the content that provides the structure and materials of your page.

What you’re looking to achieve is a high Google raking, so that yours is the first or certainly one of the first pages that people see. This is the part where we check out the competition, and have a look at how we can create something even better and more successful!

Use your keyword to find your competitors, and – excluding the paid for google ads- browse through the first ten results. These are the sites which you are up against! Note their use of keyword phrases and where you feel they do well or could use improvement, and get ready to create your own original content!

Now you have all the materials you need, time to build!

Your keyword should be everywhere, as much as possible without compromising the quality of your content! This means that not only should your keyword feature in the title, subtitles, url of your page and be seamlessly dispersed throughout your content, you can also re-title your images and their alt-tags to feature the keyword, for maximum results with Google rankings! As a Newcastle marketing company, JAC Media help our clients create websites with the optimum keyword use, to increase your businesses visibility and success.

Make sure that your title is attention grabbing, and that your content is concise, interesting and informative.

Without strong content and an entertaining but elucidating tone, readers will disengage or will easily forget your page. Be sure to create content with the correct tone of voice for your business!

Finally, make sure that throughout the rest of your site, you link to this page. This will help Google to identify your page as ranking highly in terms of SEO, and mean that your site is more immediately visible to potential customers and clients!

JAC Media is a Newcastle marketing company which specialises in providing web design and business solutions, with affordable and accessible business packages for companies of any size.

Contact us today to find out more!

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